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Refresh Your Look With a Dermal Filler Treatment

Mindy, one of our amazing Course Counselors here at National Laser Institute, received dermal fillers for laugh lines with our fabulous dermal filler expert, Dr. Treen. Mindy is already beautiful, but a dermal filler treatment will give her a natural enhancement and a refreshed look.  

Dr. Treen numbs Mindy’s injection area about 30 minutes prior to the dermal filler treatment with Lidocaine gel.  Mindy leans back on a comfortable treatment table as Dr. Treen expertly injects Mindy using a fanning technique. Dr. Treen carefully starts from the bottom of Mindy’s nasolabial fold (smile line) and works her way up.  She counts to three before each injection to put Mindy at ease so she knows what to expect for the timing of each injection.  

Dr. Treen continues the fanning technique with a soft touch as she layers lines or threads of dermal filler gradually up Mindy’s nasolabial fold.  Then Dr. Treen gently molds the dermal filler into the desired position on Mindy’s face.  She is essentially molding the product down to create a nice smooth surface, softening the folds instantly.  

The top three areas our clients look to have refreshed with dermal filler treatments include 1) the cheeks, 2) the marionette lines and 3) the nasolabial folds.  Dr. Treen softens Mindy’s nasolabial folds further by injecting dermal filler into the corners of Mindy’s mouth. Dr. Treen performs the treatment on one side of the face at a time so Mindy can actually see her before and after in real time.  

“The goal of dermal fillers is to provide our clients with a refreshed look – like they just got back from vacation,” says Dr. Treen. We provide our clients with a refreshed look – we do not change their look so much that they are unrecognizable.

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