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BHRT – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

For most men and women, menopause and andropause is typically associated with the loss of hormones. However, hormone depletion and hormone loss can occur in males and females between the ages of 18 and older. Although it is more common as we age, a lack of hormones is not something to be messed with. In fact, hormone imbalance can cause a variety of potential risks, including anxiety, depression, nerve damage, heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.

Typically, men and women recognize symptoms that lead them to believe they have a loss of hormone levels within the body. These symptoms may include moodiess, lack of sex drive, fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, loss of endurance, and many more. You don’t have to put up with these intolerable symptoms, though. Take charge of your body and feel more well-balanced with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is unlike synthetic hormone replacement. It is a process that uses bioidentical pellets. This tends to be a better option because bioidentical hormones are chemically compatible with your body on a molecular level. Bioidentical pellets are also derived from plants and are made to replace the exact hormones that you may be missing or lacking.

Biological pellet therapy has many advantages, including:

  • Continuous dosage
  • No mess
  • Long lasting, replacement pellet needed every 3-6 months
  • A more natural way of hormone therapy
  • Fast treatment process

At a typical appointment, the patient meets with a medical professional to discuss their symptoms. After sampling blood work and determine which exact hormones need to be replaced, your medical professional will discuss pellet options with you. The procedure takes just 10 minutes, where a lidocaine injection is put in place and then your pellet is inserted in the fleshy area near your hip. No stitches required, but patients are advised to not complete any strenuous activity.

We offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which is performed by medical professionals and experts in the field. We are the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and have been around for a decade. We’ve earned a number of excellent reviews as well as an A+ rating at the BBB.

To learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or National Laser Institute, please call 800.982.6817 for our Scottsdale, AZ location or 800.982.6817 for our Dallas, TX location.