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Breakthrough Youth Gene Discovered

We all have that one friend who looks like they are years younger than they really are. Ageless celebrities spanning from their 40’s through 70’s who come to mind are Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Morgan Fairchild, and Raquel Welch.  We have to ask: who doesn’t want to look younger than their age? A recent breakthrough study has revealed a group of genes that allow some people look up to 10 years younger than they really are!

Breakthrough Youth Gene Discovered

Breakthrough Youth Gene Discovered

Scientists at Harvard University and 23andMe, a private genetic database, conducted an experiment on one million people and learned 10% – 20% Americans have hit the genetic jackpot and carry the gene for youthful skin!  The presence of this gene can help it’s lucky owner look 10 years younger than their age.

The youth genes were distinguished by being better than other genes at DNA repair, skin cell communication, and defence against damaging environmental factors.  The youth gene also is better at the production of elements in the skin called lamellar bodies that yield lipids, molecules containing fats, waxes and nutrients that help to keep the skin hydrated.

Professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School and a member of the research team, Alexa Kimball said “Many of us felt that people with darker skin aged better because of more pigment and better photo [sunlight] protection, but we have found there is much more to it than that.”  He added, “They have other characteristics in their skin which confer good aging, which until now we had no idea about.”

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