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Tattoo Removal Meets Charity

There’s been a lot of talk lately about employers cracking down on employees’ visible tattoos. While many hold that tattoos are highly personal (if not religious or political) choices and should not be considered one way or the other in the hiring/firing process, others maintain that tattoos simply fall into the “mandatory dress code” category and employers have the legal right to discriminate.

This debate raises interesting questions about the public’s perception of tattoos: How are they different from other body modifications such as ear piercings or plastic surgery? What types are generally “offensive” or “inoffensive”? Are two or three on the arm considered “okay” but full sleeves and a face or neck–“not”? Who makes these judgments? And perhaps most importantly, how do they affect employment potential?

Recently, a charity in Singapore raised money for tattoo removal for ex-drug addicts with the belief that obliterating their ink would help them more easily return to mainstream society as well as improve their job opportunities. In the U.S., hundreds of thousands of tattoo removals are performed annually—however, many young people get theirs removed, only to replace them shortly thereafter!

While tattoos in the workplace remains a somewhat controversial topic, there’s no doubt that tattoo removal is a hot industry and will continue to grow. If you’re considering tattoo removal, be sure to look for an experienced, certified laser technician to receive the safest and most effective tattoo removal.