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Holiday Party Ready

Holiday Party Ready

Things are getting a little spooky this time of year with cauldrons, brooms, and witch hats. But don’t let your skin fall victim to making the Halloween spook list this year. Achieving and maintaining beautiful skin has never been easier or more convenient than it is today with several different services to choose from. Here are some of our favorite facials to get you holiday party ready this season.


Photofacials are a rejuvenation therapy that will precisely target and lift unwanted pigmentation. Using directed Intense Pulse Light targeted to the deeper layers of your epidermis, we are able to remove imperfections such as fine lines, broken capillaries, freckles, dark spots, and age spots. Rejuvenate and improve the tone and texture of your skin with this age-reversing photofacial procedure. Younger looking skin is as easy as that!

Even after just one treatment, you may notice an improvement in the overall quality of your complexion. As your skin heals, the undesired pigment will begin to lift and slough off from your complexion. This will reveal a younger and fresher layer of skin for you to enjoy. Discover all the benefits the Photofacial treatment has to offer this season to get you through your holiday parties, get-togethers, and activities.


Get holiday party ready with the eMatrix treatment. You will see an overall improvement in the tone and texture of your complexion. This state-of-the-art eMatrix treatment is a non-invasive, resurfacing procedure that boosts collagen production at the source. 

By using pin-pointed energy, we are able to reach the deeper layers of the epidermis without greatly affecting the surface layers. Since the skin is healing from the inside out, you are able to obtain results that are similar to the more aggressive and invasive procedures. Try this skin procedure that brightens and tightens— reducing wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and even stretch marks.

PDO Threads

This innovative skin tightening procedure is one of the newest FDA approved treatments in the industry today. Not only is PDO threads nonsurgical, but it is also an instant facelift. Talk about instant gratification!

The PDO thread treatment will not only lift your features, but it will also plump facial hollows and fill deep-set areas. For optimal anti-aging results, these threads can be applied to your cheeks, neck, and lower facial regions. However, the Thread Lift can be applied almost anywhere on the body too. Anything from tightening your jowls, and prominent nasolabial folds to even firming up that tummy.

The injected sutures create an inflammatory response that is pinpointed to create new collagen in specifically troubled areas. The controlled injury will encourage the body’s own natural healing process to take over which allows for longer lasting results. By generating your own collagen you are enabling your skin to remain lifted long after the threads have dissolved.

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Whichever treatment you are looking to receive, we will be sure to help make you feel Holiday Party Ready. The National Laser Institute Med Spa would like to invite you to receive a complimentary consultation with one of our highly skilled technicians. During which, they will assist you in determining what service is best for you and your skin care goals.

No matter what you’re dressing up as this Halloween, you deserve to feel beautiful and youthful. Call 800-851-0969 or click here to reserve your spot today!