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A Breakthrough Acne Treatment for People with Pimples

Anyone with acne can tell you that it is a very unpleasant skin condition that can be stubborn and tough to keep in control. Between 40-50 people in the U.S. alone suffer from or have previously suffered from acne breakouts. While there are various drugstore remedies, prescription pills, and ointments on the market, most of those make the skin dry, irritated, or more inflamed. Many prescription pills may have adverse effects on your body, which won’t make you feel your best–and nobody wants that!

Acne can be caused by a number of reasons. A pimple is produced when the tiny hair follicle pores in your skin become blocked, whether it be by dirt, oil, sweat, makeup, etc. When those pores become blocked, acne-causing bacteria is formed and creates those pesky pimples and bumps all over your skin.

But now there is a breakthrough acne treatment on the market that doesn’t use creams, ointments, pills, or prescriptions. This treatment is called Broad Based Light (BBL™) acne therapy. BBL™ acne therapy uses an advanced, blue-light spectrum that targets acne-causing bacteria to prevent active and future breakouts both on the surface of the skin and within the sebaceous gland. It’s perfect for those who are sensitive to harsh and irritating acne creams or whose body did not take well to Accutane or other acne antibiotics.

So how does it work? The Sciton BBL™ acne therapy treatment is FDA approved to use the blue light filter on the skin. Before the light is applied, a cooling gel is placed onto the skin to create a safe barrier. Then, the BBL™ handpiece is carefully pressed to your skin by an expert laser technician who will provide these controlled pulses of light. Clients often feel a slight warming sensation on the skin as the blue-light is applied, targeting active acne, killing acne-causing bacteria, and helping to prevent future breakouts.

With this treatment, clients notice a 70-90% improvement in their acne breakouts. It’s harmless on your body, safe for your skin, and doesn’t require those foul-smelling creams and gels. You don’t even need a prescription for this treatment! It is recommended that clients come in twice a week for six weeks in order to see the best possible results.

We are dedicated to providing clients with clear, beautiful skin with our BBL™ acne therapy treatment. Before treatment, you will gain an expert consultation to discuss your acne concerns and skin care goals. Your laser technician specialist is a medical aesthetic expert who has trained medical professionals and aestheticians on how to use advanced laser technologies for over a decade. When you come to our luxury med spa, you will always receive a quality experience with elegant results.