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Laser Treatments for Acne

Laser Treatments for Acne


Laser Treatments for Acne

Acne breakouts whether big or small can greatly affect your confidence. These blemishes can keep you from participating in social events or even wanting to leave the house due to embarrassment and self-consciousness. It’s time to no longer let acne dictate your life! Here are three laser treatments for acne that will leave your skin smooth, beautiful, and blemish free.


The BBL acne procedure is also known as BroadBand Light and it productively targets and treats acne causing bacterias. Killing these acne prone germs prevents future blemishes from arising. This treatment also reduces current bumps, discolorations, and imperfections. Furthermore, the BBL Acne Reduction Treatment helps lessen acne scars as well. Gain confidence in addition to experiencing clear skin with this life-altering procedure.

This FDA approved blue light process, will diminish current and future acne through a number of sessions. Initially anywhere from three to six 20 minute sessions may be recommended by our highly trained aestheticians and laser technicians.


The Photofacial procedure involves intense pulses of light that will target and repair damaged skin. Over the course of a few weeks, the unwanted blemishes and pigmentation will rise to the surface of your skin and flake off. Each session is quick, painless, and involves very little downtime. This treatment is such a cinch that it can be done during your lunch break!

You may notice an improvement in blemishes with just one treatment. However, on average, it takes most of our clients and Beauty Insiders anywhere between three to five sessions for the best and clearest results.


Our Microlaser peel treatment uses a safe and effective laser to create thousands of tiny, microscopic holes in your skin. These small controlled injuries will stimulate collagen production and send your body into an advanced healing and regeneration state. During this time your body starts rapidly producing new collagen to add firmness to your newly rejuvenated and smooth skin.

Soon after you have healed, you will notice immediate improvements in the tone and texture of your complexion. For the most optimal results, our team of professionals usually recommend a series of three treatments spaced six to eight weeks apart.

The National Laser Institute

You no longer have to suffer from social embarrassment thanks to the revolutionary laser treatments for acne. Call 480-290-7333 to receive your complimentary acne consultation with one of our skin care specialists. Reserve your appointment today at the National Laser Institute and Medical Spa. Live life to the fullest and feel confident walking into any social setting. Click here and begin your journey to clearer skin. Experience the results these acne treatments have to offer.  They are life changing!