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An Anti-Aging Treatment That’s Safe for All Skin Types

In the last decade, advancements within skin rejuvenation treatments have improved exponentially! Instead of facials and waxing, we now have laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal. But there is one anti-aging treatment that’s been proved to be safe for all skin types, and it’s called the MicroPen™.

MicroPen™ treatments are designed to improve acne scarring, fine line and wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage, skin laxity, shrink pores, help correct hyper-pigmentation, and improve your skin’s tone and texture.

The MicroPen™ treatment works by using a small, handheld device to create very small micro-injuries on the topical layer of skin. This allows your skin to generate new collagen, which helps with the tone and texture. With the MicroPen™ treatment, you also get your choice of a peptide gel to improve certain skin care concerns–such as a serum to target acne or one to target wrinkles. Since this gel is capable of sinking deep into your skin with the help of the MicroPen™, you get a more rejuvenated and fresh-faced appearance.

MicroPen™ is FDA approved and is safe for all skin types! It is a low cost and low risk treatment that erases years from your face and improves your skin. Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee explains that clients typically see vast improvement in as little as the next day. Kim Kardashian actually received a version of this MicroPen™ treatment to improve the appearance of her skin. The MicroPen™ treatment can be completed in under an hour and gives clients no downtime afterward.

At our luxury medical spa, you can receive your personalized MicroPen™ treatment provided to you from the skin care industry’s top expert professionals. Your MicroPen™ consultation includes a skin care analysis from one of our expert skin care professionals. They will let you know what type of  MicroPen™ treatment is best for your skin, including what combination peptide gel would benefit your skin care concerns the most.

Our luxury medical spa offers high end treatments to clients with services provided by only the best industry professionals. Our goal is to see you smiling and confident with your beautiful, flawless skin!