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Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks aren’t especially flattering, and with summer coming up there are many different options when it comes to attempting to rid the problem. There are many creams on the market, but many people aren’t aware that cosmetic laser treatments are able to help rid stretch marks even better. We recommend fractional skin resurfacing for stretch mark removal.

Fractional Laser Treatment

Fractionals for stretch mark removal work to resurface the skin by creating tiny, microscopic treatment zones within the skin. Much like it’s name, it is inducing fractionalized sections in your skin instead of treating the entire surface of the skin. This is beneficial to stretch marks because the untreated skin is able to help quickly repair the areas that have been treated, creating newer, healthier, and a more rejuvenated skin appearance. As a result, you’ll see fading and blending as your stretch marks disappear. Many people need a handful of treatments, which is completely normal. Like most things, time and consistency helps create a resurfaced and flawless appearance.

Fractional laser treatment can also help rid wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, tone and texture of the skin, acne scars, and some forms of sun damage. Fractional treatments with the Palomar laser is FDA approved and can be used on both men and women.

All About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can occur when the following happens:

• Rapid weight gain
• Growth spurts
• Pregnancy

Stretch marks form when your skin’s tissue creates small tears from increased stretching of the skin. In women, it may appear in the love handles, breasts, or belly while pregnant. In men who rapidly gain weight from weight building, it can occur near the shoulders. There are different types of stretch marks as well. Some are a flat, pink color, red/purple, or white/skin colored. Although stretch marks aren’t a medical concern, people tend to not be a fan of them for cosmetic purposes.

Stretch Mark Treatments

At National Laser Institute, we offer high-quality stretch mark removal treatments with fractional laser skin rejuvenation. Treatments are performed by leading experts in the field of medical aesthetics within a luxury medical spa setting. However, before you even receive treatment, your laser technician will thoroughly go over your skin care concerns and goals in order to provide the best, most comfortable treatment for your needs. As the leader in the medical aesthetics industry, we are committed to each and every client and want to make sure they receive outstanding services. We have been in the business for a decade and have earned many outstanding reviews.

To learn more about stretch mark removalfractional laser, or National Laser Institute, please call 800.982.6817 for our Scottsdale location or 800.982.6817 for our Dallas location.