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V.I. Precision Chemical Peel

V.I. Precision Chemical Peel


V.I. Precision Chemical Peel

The V.I. Precision Chemical Peel is highly effective in treating melasma, pregnancy mask, discoloration, and sun damage. This medical grade treatment is one of the most advanced peels in the beauty industry because it targets pigmentation faster and at a deeper layer of the skin. The V.I. chemical peel treatment will have you seeing dramatic results in the brightening and softening of your complexion.



•sun spots

•pregnancy mask

•age spots


•rough skin

This amazing treatment designed to smooth and lighten your skin is near painless and unlike any other peel on the market. It can even treat the sensitive area under your eyes, clear acne, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The secret to flawless and radiant skin is out with the V.I. Precision Chemical Peel!

You may see at-home treatments and creams that boast the same results however, chemical peels are designed to be an in-office treatment, performed by a medical skincare professional. Don’t risk unnecessary or even dangerous mishaps that can happen with do-it-yourself peels, especially when it comes to the delicate skin of your face. For professional and safe results, leave your peels to the experts at The National Laser Institute.

You will have at least 2 days of downtime from this treatment depending on your choice of peel level and intensity. During these 48 hours it is important that you do not pick or pull at your face as it peels, and let it naturally slough off to reveal a fresh, new layer of skin. Your complexion will improve in one treatment, but for the most dramatic results, you may need an additional 3 to 5 treatments dependent on your goals and the texture of your skin.

Peel Agents



•Salicylic Acid


•Vitamin C

We invite you to discover this advanced brightening procedure for yourself at The National Laser Institute Med Spa. Our certified and trusted aestheticians will meet with you to help evaluate your skin and provide results using the Gold Standard in aesthetic techniques. Call 800.982.6817 or click here and receive your complimentary consultation with one of our expert skin care specialists. Get younger, healthier looking skin with our V.I. Precision Chemical Peel treatment. Don’t forget to check our monthly specials for even more anti-aging treatments!