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Get A More Youthful Looking Face in 30 Minutes

The secret to a flawless face has finally been unleashed! Growing older is a part of life, but no longer must we be at the mercy of sagging skin, volume loss and a hollow appearance. With the recent release of an incredible FDA approved sensation, you too can effectively slow down the aging process- or at least the appearance of it. Restore the flawless, youthful and vibrant look you crave with this instant and long-lasting remedy. In fact, the astonishing results are capable of lasting for up to two years!

When most hear “injectable”, Botox is likely to come to mind. And while Botox indeed smooths fine lines and wrinkles, this remarkable new product goes a step further by restoring volume to the cheeks- immediately providing a noticeable yet natural lift, along with a more youthful mid-face contour in just 30 minutes. Used since 2005 in 72 countries across the globe, this latest anti-aging miracle is extremely safe and effective.

As the first and only FDA approved filler for mid-face, Voluma™XC has literally changed the face of aging and clients are crazed with the dramatic effects it provides. In a clinical trial, Voluma™XC participants claimed to appear an astonishing five years younger! Can you imagine attaining the best version of yourself with immediate, lasting results and little to no downtime?

So why are clients rushing to the National Laser Private Med Spa to receive Voluma™XC?

National Laser Private Med Spa’s anti-aging treatments are all about personalization. Your Voluma™XC treatment is based on your individual goals and desires. National Laser Private Med Spa’s practitioners are the leading anti-aging experts – the same experts that are sought after to train medical professionals across the country and internationally.

“I’m a 44 year old female and my face is starting to show more signs of aging, but I’m no where near ready for a facelift. In the past I’ve had skin tightening, skin resurfacing and both Botox and fillers. I love all these treatments, but I’ve been the most impressed with Voluma™XC!! It gave me the most plump and natural lift, so now I see a younger version of myself in the mirror!! The results exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier!” – Kim P.

Voluma™XC is here to offer you the perfect appearance you desire with exceptional results you can trust. Call today to receive Voluma™XC and say hello to the newer, younger you!