Sandra Nash

Laser Instructor

Sandra entered the medical aesthetic field like many NLI students, as a career changer. For 20 years she worked in financial and human resources administration. Fourteen years ago, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist, training at Oregon Health Science University Hospital and through Sloan Kettering, she specialized in Oncology Massage. Sandra is also a Licensed Aesthetician and became the spa director for the L Spa at Baylor University Medical Center. She worked under Ben Tittle, M.D. as the Lead Medical Aesthetician and the Director of Education and Training for a medical spa in Dallas. She is a certified laser professional as well as a Laser Safety Officer.

Sandra is one of the original teachers at National Laser Institute in Dallas, beginning in June of 2011. In October of 2011, she became the spa and school manager.

“My life at National Laser Institute is never boring. I get to manage an amazing staff, teach students who are eager to learn medical aesthetics and how it can change lives, and still create relationships treating and serving clients. My favorite part is how it is always evolving. There is always something new to learn, and I can pass that knowledge on to students and clients. Working at NLI, there is such a huge choice of state of the art equipment to teach and treat with. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this family and to get to share my passion with so many.” – Sandra


I always enjoy my treatments at National Laser Institute. The staff are very professional and the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. Everthing is explained clearly and they answer any questions that I have.The prices are excellent. I will never go anywhere else for my treatments. I highly recommend NLI.

- Jamie R.

I have been a client of Brookes for over 7 years and I won't go to any one else. She is the best laser technician around and she's very professional and sweet. Thank you Brooke for all you do and NLI.

- Melanie W.

This was my first time for laser hair removal and a class room like setting so I was a little nervous about what to expect. The instructor was awesome, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The students were great and I look forward to all the other treatments that are available and will be recommending the school to friends. Thanks!

- Lisa V.

I love National Laser Institute. I have been going to your business now for 6+ years! I find every person there so knowledgeable and personable. For private treatments, Brook and Angelica are my girls, they are excellent. I also go to the school with the instructor and students, this is my primary procedure on NLI's laser treatments. Keep up the excellent technology and I look forward to the new HALO laser treatments. I have recommended 6 people both men and women, from my office to NLI and yes they love NLI also. I also am encouraging 2 young friends to attend the school I love NLI.

- Grace A.

The ladies were all really nice and supportive. The procedure was very quick. It was not nearly as painful as they described before the treatment. So I was very scared going into it because they told me it was very painful. It didn't feel good but it wasn't too bad. So maybe that was helpful too, going into it expecting the worst made the procedure seem so much less painful. The ladies attitudes were wonderful they were so very encouraging! I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other services offered at the school!

- Stephanie L.

All of the dermal filler procedures were expertly overseen by the teacher. With her explanations to the students I too became informed as to what and why something was being done: which increased My understanding(which is always advantageous): Even though various students injected me, I found it Less painful than that which I'd had done elsewhere by a pro!

- Anonymous

Yesterday I had my first Fhotofacial with Angelica. She was very sweet, made me feel comfortable, explained everything I needed to know, told me what she was doing as she was doing it and did a great job. The procedure was not very painful at all. The flash of light made me flinch a little, not the level of discomfort. Already see results. I will be going back in 4 weeks for my next treatment. I should also mention the people at the front desk were very nice. Everyone I had contact with was professional and happy to answer any questions.

- Robin B.

My appointment was for skin tightening. I was evaluated and interviewed and during the process it was realized that I was not ready for the procedure because of a prior Laser treatment. I was grateful that the staff didn't push me. We made arrangements for me to return in a couple of weeks to let my skin calm down and be more ready for treatment. This put my needs first and not the student's needs to check off a treatment on their list.

- Mary N.

Excellent staff. Wonderful teacher and students. I felt very comfortable. Thank you.

- Anonymous