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Scottsdale Medspa

Eric G.841 of 852

Thanks Shelley!! Professional techs that know what they are doing! Laser tattoo removal from National Laser Institute works and they make it affordable to get rid of my mistake! I have had 10 sessions by Shelley and my tattoo is almost gone. She is super cool and I enjoy going in.

Wendy H.842 of 852

I resently went to NLI  for a photo facial. I had a great expirence. I have been to other spas before and NLI was by far the best. The staff was friendly, happy, and very professional.  The price couldn't be beat. I  will  highly recommend NLI  to  everyone I know. Wendy

Mielie H.843 of 852

This is a nice clean place with wonderful service and techs. I have never had to wait long for an appointment and when I arrive I am always taken back for treatment quickly. I've seen two techs and both were instructors (not students) and both were professional. I am happy with the laser hair removal and will go back for it as needed. I was also happy with the two photo facials I had. I got good results and the price was good.

Terra R.844 of 852

I get laser tattoo removal with National Laser Institute.  I have had about 6 sessions and am getting amazing results.  All staff have treated me with respect and have a warm and positive attitude.  I love that most of them have had a variety of treatments and are not shy about sharing their experiences with you.  The treatment itself is very painful but I find requesting an ice pack while in the waiting room really helps.  The instructor and students are very good and always make sure that you are aware of what they are doing and only begin when you say that you are ready.  The laser treatment only takes less than a minute and the pain stops as soon as the laser does.  From there, it only feels like a mild sunburn for about 2 days.  I would recommend National Institute to anyone!  I am already considering other types of treatments through them.

Ann S.845 of 852

I had my very first ever Juvederm treatment last month from the students and outside of a small amount of bruising, I am really pleased with the results.  The facility is beautiful, the assistance at the front desk was excellent and outside of being nervous about the procedure, the whole experience was definitely worth it.   I'm going back again today for botox.   Can't beat the price.

Shirley W.846 of 852

The owner and staff at National Laser in Scottsdale go out of their way to see that each and every client has a good experience.  They are prompt in getting back to you if you have a question about your treatment or the results you are getting.  I couldn't be more pleased with Brooke, the technician I am working with, and am seeing some good results from the photo facial treatments.  I appreciate that they call to confirm your appointments, also.  The facility is clean, bright, nicely decorated, and seems to be a happy place for employees and clients.

D. W.847 of 852

I couldn't be happier. From the staff to the results of my treatments... The prices can't be beat. Short wait time, etc. I can't say enough good things. No idea how this place has such bad reviews. I don't know if the negative reviews are from a competitor business or what. I have been to other laser & skin spas... NLI is by far my favorite.

Rebecca A.848 of 852

I originally went to Deb Schechner to get to laser hair removal and she was awesome!  She made me feel totally comfortable, we had great conversation and I was in and out of there in a flash!  I'm very happy with the results.  I only shave about once a month to get the random stragglers.

After I finished getting laser hair removal, I decided to see Deb for a fractional and I'm shocked at how instant the results were. My pores are smaller and my skin looks all around youthful and smooth! Absolutely love the results, I've had peels and facials before but never seen results like this. If you're considering either treatment I'd highly recommend Deb!
Sarah B.849 of 852

I am so glad I found this place !  I got my Botox done here last month, and I had such a great experience.  Right when I walked in, I was greeted and taken care of.  The staff is wonderful!  The person who injected me was a student, but the teacher was there and was very helpful.  I am so excited to have found a place to get Botox done that I can actually afford.  My husband won't even have to know !

Y. C.850 of 852

I love this medspa! They offer many services at such a reduced rate.  Their staff are very knowledgeable and the facility is nice.  I have had a lot of various treatments at their location in Scottsdale and I am a very pleased patient.

Dallas Medspa