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Broadband Laser for Acne

acne treatment broadband laser

Acne is a frustrating skin problem that anyone can develop at some point in our lives. Using topical creams, washes, or taking medication can be enough to reduce your acne. What happens when these treatments don’t work? Don’t give up finding your perfect treatment option, try Broadband laser for acne reduction at National Laser Institute Med Spa.

How does Broadband Laser for acne reduction work?

Broadband laser for acne reduction at NLI is the life changing treatment you are searching for. Sciton BBL uses a filter that creates a “blue light effect” that eliminates the bacteria that forms acne. In addition, Broadband lasers also used light based heat to target the surface layers of the skin. As a result of this process, it unclogs pores and follicles that cause inflammation. Also, under the surface of the skin, new collagen is stimulated to repair the skin.

Types of acne treated

  • Whiteheads: closed, plugged pores
  • Blackheads: open, plugged pores
  • Papules: small, reddish, tender bumps
  • Cystic lesions: painful, pus filled lumps under the surface of the skin

Acne is the result of clogged pores filled with substances such as dead skin, oil, and bacteria. Also, acne is caused by hormones, personal diet, and stress levels.

How many broadband laser acne reduction treatments will I need?
On average, clients can expect around nine treatments spaced over a six week period.

What are the other benefits of receiving a Broadband Laser treatment?

Broadband Laser treatments boast results such as reducing sun damage and fine lines/wrinkles. Also, this treatment will even out your skin tone and texture as well as providing overall skin rejuvenation!

How do I get started?

First, National Laser Institute will pair you with one of our expert laser technicians for a complimentary consultation. Afterwards, the technician will discuss the best plan to move forward in personalizing your skin care perfectly for you.

Interested in learning more about cosmetic injections or laser services? We offer your choice of virtual consultations from the comfort of your home or in person complementary consults.  Click here to schedule yours.

Louis Silberman- CEO