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eMatrix Client Review Jillian

Every month we like to highlight a client treatment testimonial to help you experience what a treatment is like. This month we are featuring our client Jillian, who spends a lot of time outdoors hiking and gardening.  She had her first eMatrix treatment one week ago. We asked her to tell us a little bit about herself and what made her decide to try eMatrix. Here is her story.


eMatrix Client Review Jillian

Hi! My name is Jillian.  I just turned 40 in January of this year.  I have thick, oily, acne-prone skin with medium sized pores and rosacea.  When I visited with my younger brothers Don and Nick last summer at our family cabin, they asked me why I haven’t aged much over the years.  I had to admit it was Botox and Retinol.  But their compliment compelled me to take an inventory of what I’ve been doing right, and what I need to change to continue to grow young.

Jillian’s Skincare History

I’ve always taken care of my skin by washing off my makeup every night.  Regular Botox & occasional retinol have been my go to anti-aging products over the past 10 years.  I always wear a hat when I spend extended periods of time outdoors.  However, my bad habits have been pretty bad.  Don’t judge! I have not used a lot of moisturizer or sunscreen regularly, and I rarely get facials.  I thought moisturizing and facials would only trigger my acne and sunscreen always felt too heavy on my skin.

When I turned 40, I cut out dairy from my diet, started to moisturize my face, and use sunscreen.  I also consciously chose to stay out of the sun mid-day, and decided to cover up my arms and legs when hiking and doing yard work in the early mornings. I also started getting monthly photofacials at National Laser Institute Med Spa! The results speak for themselves: my acne has dramatically diminished, except for a few small hormonal blemishes every few weeks.  My pores look smaller now, too.  I love how I don’t need to wear as much makeup to hide my brown spots and acne scars because they are mostly gone now.

But, a problem area I recently noticed is loose skin on my neck.  I think they call this turkey neck.   During my photofacial treatments, I mentioned this to my aesthetician, Shana.  She highly recommended I try eMatrix to correct the skin laxity and to prevent future sagging.

Jillian’s eMatrix Treatment Experience

So I went in for my first eMatrix just last week. I chose to have my treatment on the school side to save some money.  Shana had 3 students she was instructing. Everyone was professional, and I knew I was in good hands.  The students asked me if I was on any medications, had recent sun exposure, was using retinol or had any injections recently.  I said no to all.  And I clarified that I have been using retinol but was sure to stop 2 weeks before my treatment, per Shana’s recommendation at my last photofacial.

The skin on my face was gently wiped clean with baby wipes and one of the students tied back my hair with a nylon hair band.  Then my neck area was sectioned off with a white eyeliner pencil into 3 sections.  When the treatment began, I noticed the first touch of the eMatrix wand felt like a tiny little pinprick.  After a second or two my skin felt hot, like the sensation of a sunburn.  Each of the three students took turns administering the treatment on my neck.  They were gentle and careful to not overlap the treatment areas. The entire eMatrix treatment took about 15 minutes and was tolerable.

Jillian’s Post Treatment Experience

The only way I can describe the feeling during, immediately after, and over the following 24 hours is that it was like a deep sunburn. My neck area felt tender to the touch, so I just left it alone and was careful to stay out of the sun over the next 48 hours.   

Shana said I could apply an ice pack or cool air post-treatment to relieve the heat.  She gave me a packet of broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen by eltaMD Skincare that I should wear for the next month to avoid hyperpigmentation from the sun.  She also advised I wait on using any makeup or creams for 12 hours.

Shana read a post care eMatrix protocol to me: avoid the sun, working out, sweating, hot showers, and massages. The skin should be kept clean to avoid contamination or infection while it is healing.  She told me I can expect to see tiny pinpoint scabs 24-72 hours post-treatment and may remain for 3-7 days afterward.  The scabs should not be touched, itched or exfoliated as they will shed off naturally.   I can expect to see results in 3 months with increased collagen production.

It is now one week later and my skin already feels smoother and actually looks tighter!  I am going to be vigilant about wearing moisturizer and sunscreen even on my neck, which is something I have not been mindful of before.  I can’t wait to schedule another 3 sessions about 4-6 weeks apart and look forward to seeing the results!  Special thanks to Shana and her students for always taking such great care of my skin!

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Louis J. Silberman is the CEO and Co-Founder of National Laser Institute, the pioneer of the medical aesthetics training industry and one of the largest educators in the country.