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Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum

Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum

Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum

Are you looking for a skin care product that will assist in the evening out of your skin tone? Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum can fade dark spots, blotches, or age spots in as little as two weeks.

This paraben-free product will lighten and brighten your complexion while evening out the most stubborn pigmentation issues. Whether from sun damage, pregnancy, or genetics, Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum creates a skin barrier to support healthy skin.

When incorporated into your daily regimen, this medical-grade serum improves the overall appearance of all skin types. It can be applied to the neck, face, chest, or anywhere else you are experiencing discoloration issues.

Enhance your skin tone by restoring it to its most beautiful shade. For the month of August, the National Laser Institute Medical Spa is offering 20% off SkinMedica’s Lytera Pigment Correcting Serum.

Key Ingredients of Lytera 2.0

Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum is formulated to address the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation across all skin tones, types, and concerns. Key ingredients include:

  • Tranexamic acid. Corrects the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • Phenylethyl resorcinol. Supports melanin balance to correct the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • Niacinamide & tetrapeptide-30. Prevents the appearance of new spots while balancing the appearance of your skin tone.
  • Marine extract blend. Corrects and prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation while supporting a healthy skin barrier.
  • Phytic acid. Enhances skin texture and promotes even-looking skin.

In addition to the benefits listed above, this medical-grade product can help enhance the results of other anti-aging services, including chemical peels, photofacials, eMatrix, and profractional laser treatments.

Experience Lytera 2.0 Correcting Serum

Our staff product pick will be 20% off throughout the month of August. This product is normally priced at $150. However, you can receive Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum for only $120 in our private medical spa.

Along with this pigmentation correction formula, the National Laser Institute Medical Spa also carries a wide variety of medical-grade skin care products. Furthermore, our facility offers the latest in advanced cosmetic treatments at a fraction of the retail price! Our services range from laser treatments and peels to Botox and cosmetic injections.

To redeem your 20% off SkinMedica’s Lytera Pigment Correcting Serum, call 1-800-851-0969. Don’t forget to schedule a free consultation for one of our cosmetic services by clicking here. With our highly trained skin care specialists guiding you to healthier skin, you’re sure to achieve your dream results!

Louis J. Silberman is the CEO and Co-Founder of National Laser Institute, the pioneer of the medical aesthetics training industry and one of the largest educators in the country.