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Photofacial Reviews

A recent article in reports the photofacial is the celebrity go-to treatment.  Continue reading to find out more about what a photofacial is, how it can benefit your skin, and for photofacial reviews at the National Laser Institute Med Spa!Photofacial Reviews Scottsdale

What Is A Photofacial?

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a light-based device which helps to target both red and brown spots. The treatment is also known as a photofacial which helps to accelerate cell turnover, build collagen, and even out skin tone.  

Intense Pulsed Light technology works to photo rejuvenate the skin.  We suggest photofacial treatments for clients who have brown discoloration, age spots, and freckles, particularly on the face, chest, and body.

Photofacial treatments target sun damage including sun spots, small veins, rosacea, facial redness, and other forms of skin discoloration with no downtime. Interestingly our photofacial clients also have some decreased facial wrinkling and a smoother, finer texture of the skin after their photofacial treatments. This is a nice added benefit from the deeply penetrating IPL light stimulating collagen synthesis in the skin.

How Does a Photofacial Work?

Photofacial treatments are designed to reduce pigmentation and photoaging of the skin caused by UV damage. Chronic UV damage causes sun spots and broken capillaries. A photofacial will reduce these skin concerns and make your skin tone more even and bright.

An intense pulse of light targets the unwanted age spots and broken capillaries in your skin until they are destroyed. Once destroyed, the color rises to the surface of your skin and flakes off. This process can take several weeks and you should wait until this process is complete before having another treatment.

Although you will notice an improvement with just one treatment, the average is usually between 3-4 treatments to be fully effective.

Maintenance Key To Success

Getting a photofacial treatment is only the beginning of beautiful skin. It is your job to maintain the improvement. Once you have had a successful photofacial treatment, it is important that you maintain a diligent, major routine of sun protection at all times.

The best way to maintain your photofacial results is to use a good broad spectrum sunscreen daily and to avoid sun exposure during the peak hours between 10 am and 4 pm. Also, remember that UV exposure also happens while you are driving in your car and even if you are in the shade.

If you are considering getting your first photofacial, we invite you to check out the latest photofacial reviews Scottsdale and Dallas clients have posted on our website.

Photofacial Reviews 

“Two students were guided through the photofacial procedure by the instructor as other students observed. The instructor gave them pointers on the best techniques and reviewed skin evaluation with the students. The whole process was very professional and thorough. I would be happy to recommend National Laser Institute!” Jane M., Scottsdale National Laser Institute Client

“Staff was very courteous and professional. For my photofacial they went above and beyond, Monique was awesome!” Anonymous, Dallas National Laser Institute Med Spa Client

“I had a photofacial treatment 2 days ago with student Emmy under the guidance of her excellent instructor. It all went very well, and I’m waiting to see the results! I will return for treatments on other areas soon.” Anonymous, Scottsdale National Laser Institute Client

“I had a Photofacial treatment there several weeks ago.  The results are AMAZING!  I’m 84 years old. ALL of the age spots on my face are gone. I plan to continue treatment, as needed, for the rest of my life.” Joan B., Scottsdale National Laser Institute Med Spa Client

“I had an excellent time, felt very comfortable, the staff were amazing and my photofacial was perfection!” Debbie V., Scottsdale National Laser Institute Med Spa Client

“I had a photofacial with Kellie and she is an amazing technician. She is very professional and skilled in her technique. I have been quite pleased with the results to help resolve my rosacea issues. Thanks!” Anonymous Dallas National Laser Institute Med Spa Client

“I had a photofacial done with instructor Hillary and students. It was amazing and my results are awesome. She was very informative and a great teacher.” Rabia, Scottsdale National Laser Institute Client

“The instructor, Sharon, was considerate and knowledgeable and great with the students. The students were also very professional, and I got great results from my photofacial!” Susan, Scottsdale National Laser Institute Client

“I had a photofacial done last week. Brooke did mine and she did a wonderful job. The staff is very helpful and informative. I will have no worries about doing future treatments there. As in anything, there are some problems that can’t be fixed. I’m sorry for anyone who had a bad treatment, but I found it so good that I am investigating going there to become a laser tech myself. The pricing is reasonable. I have had photofacials elsewhere and get good results here.” Susan Y., Scottsdale National Laser Institute Med Spa Client

“I loved my photofacial!!!  Great service and great price.  I normally don’t give positive reviews but the service was phenomenal, I loved the technicians.” David S., Scottsdale National Laser Institute Med Spa Client

“I can’t bring myself to spend “full price” on these sort of treatments, so NLI is a great solution for me. I can be a “subject” in class for students learning to do the treatments – they are highly supervised. The outcome of the procedures are exactly the same. The facility is lovely, everyone who works there is really nice. At the Dallas location, I have had photofacial done on my face, chest, and now hands for sun spots.” Jennifer, Dallas National Laser Institute Client

At other luxury med spas the price for a photofacial treatment can be as high as $500 or $600. But at the National Laser Institute, photofacials start at just $100 per area.  

If you are looking for that extra little boost for more beautiful skin, we invite you to the National Laser Institute Med Spa.  Visit our anti-aging academy for deeply discounted rates on treatments or receive your treatment in our med spa by the experts that teach doctors, nurses and laser technicians privately

Thank you for checking out our photofacial reviews Scottsdale and Dallas. To find out more about our photofacial treatments and if you are a candidate for treatment, please call 480-290-7333 or click here for your complimentary consultation with one of our expert skin care specialists. While medical aesthetics is our passion, client care is our reason for being. We are dedicated to helping you discover the younger, healthier and more beautiful you – from the inside out.