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PRP Blood Facelift

You may have heard of the PRP Blood Facelift.  Kim Kardashian had one recently and we are curious – is it all hype or are the results real?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if the PRP Blood Facelift could keep you ageless?

Vampire Facelift

PRP Blood Facelift

The PRP Blood Facelift involves blood being drawn from your arm with a needle.  A centrifuge then separates your blood from the platelets into a platelet-rich plasma (PRP).  This creates a powerful blend of growth factors and stem cells and is injected along with hyaluronic acid to smooth out wrinkles and greatly increase collagen production.

The PRP Blood Facelift only takes 45 minutes and involves the use of a Dermapen, a device which implements 9 tiny needles to puncture your skin before applying the PRP. This process is also known as microneedling, and when combined with the PRP Blood Facelift, it will create new skin and soften fine lines and acne scars.

The idea behind the PRP Blood Facelift is the PRP will stimulate your body to produce more collagen, provide volume, and possibly contain stem cells that can ultimately give you a better appearance using your own body’s blood. Typically clients notice results in a couple of days that last four to six months.  Downtime is only about 2 days.

The PRP Blood Facelift appeals to clients who are hesitant about other fillers and surgeries.  It’s a natural alternative  now available at National Laser Institute Med Spa starting at only $675/treatment.

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Louis J. Silberman is the CEO and Co-Founder of National Laser Institute, the pioneer of the medical aesthetics training industry and one of the largest educators in the country.