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Rosacea Treatments at NLI Med Spa

Rosacea is a skin reddening condition that affects an estimated 16 million Americans. And if you are amongst those who suffer with rosacea, you have probably tried multiple techniques to mask the embarrassing condition. However, NLI Med Spa offers a safe and effective solution to minimize the redness, while keeping the emotional, physical and social effects at bay.

NLI offers a photofacial, IPL treatment to correct pigment irregularities and obtain the skin you desire. IPL, or intense pulsating light, works to target unwanted pigment by using cosmetic energy directly to the treatment area.

How It Works

The light energy is absorbed within the skin’s pigments and then flakes off, revealing a smooth and flawless appearance.  Research suggests IPL treatments can help diminish flushing, continuous redness, dilated blood vessels and breakouts that resemble acne. Because these treatments are so effective, they are one of the most popular treatments offered at National Laser Institute Med Spa.

What Else Does it Treat?

  • Broken capillaries
  • Age spots
  • Large pores
  • Certain acne scars
  • Sun Damag
  • Freckles 
  • Fine Wrinkels

About Us

We offer photofacial treatments to clients looking to rejuvenate their skin as well as to gain confidence back in their appearance. We are the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and are dedicated to our client’s skin care concerns and needs. That’s why medical professionals and expert laser technicians work with you to develop a treatment plan for your certain skin type, skin corrections, and your desired skin goals.

National Laser Institute has been in the health and beauty industry for over a decade and has received a number of outstanding reviews. If you’d like to learn more about photofacial treatments or National Laser Institute, please call 480.290.7333 for our Scottsdale, AZ location or 214.252.7800 for our Dallas, TX location.