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Shine with eMatrix

eMatrixA revolution in technology is changing the face of non-surgical, anti-aging treatments – bringing the fountain of youth to Scottsdale. All around the Valley, beauty enthusiasts have been raving about a remarkable treatment, capable of aesthetically turning back the hands of time. A treatment that not only firms and tightens skin, but also reduces crow’s feet, age spots, acne scars, sun damage and wrinkles.

This is breaking news in the beauty industry because the areas around the eyes and lips are typically hard to reach with many non-invasive skin rejuvenation devices. However, this new technology allows for easier maneuverability in delicate areas, producing results that are much more precise, accurate and long lasting. As an added benefit, there is little-to-no downtime following the procedure and it is safe and effective for all skin types.

Recently, this treatment has only been whispered about among beauty insiders, but now it’s at your fingertips! The best-kept beauty secret in town is called the “focal tip” for eMatrix™. This newly designed treatment tip, about the size of a pencil eraser, allows for the transmission of fractionalized radiofrequency energy waves. These energy waves safely penetrate the skins surface in order to promote the growth of fresh collagen, while naturally restoring volume to the treated areas.

“I love this skin rejuvenation treatment! I have had it done on my face, neck, chest and hands and the results I got were truly amazing- the tightening and collagen production. I didn’t even realize how much my skin had changed until I went back for my 40th high school reunion and saw everyone else my age. I noticed how more youthful I looked compared to people not doing the treatments. I look nowhere near 60 and some people didn’t even recognize me. I am so confident and comfortable in my skin thanks to eMatrix. ” – Jane R.

All around the town, clients have been heading to National Laser Institute Medical Spa in North Scottsdale to take advantage of this advanced skin rejuvenation treatment. If you want improved tone and texture, along with a youthful and vibrant appearance, eMatrix™ could be the solution for you.