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Skin Care Resolutions 


Skin Care Resolutions 

With the New Year comes a new you. The new you who can walk into any room feeling confident and youthful. Why? Because your skin looks and feels amazing, smooth, clear, and vibrant. The National Laser Institute would like to get you started on the path to beautiful skin with our January Specials. Achieve your Skin Care Resolutions this year with the Profractional, eMatrix, and HALO Hybrid treatments.


The Profractional laser procedure involves resurfacing a section of your skin while the surrounding area is left untouched. This is to encourage a more rapid recovery. Due to this targeting technology, we are able to precisely locate the desired blemishes without treating the entire surface area. The laser creates a wound healing response within your body that helps firm and rejuvenate your skin.


  • Diminishes wrinkles
  • Tightens skin
  • Softens scars
  • Reduces brown spots
  • Lessens sun damage
  • Minimal downtime
  • Brightens appearance


eMatrix Skin Rejuvenation is safe and effective for all skin types. This procedure promotes collagen production while delivering superior resurfacing results. eMatrix uses a state-of-the-art, radio-frequency technology that only partially ablates the skin. By sending the energy deep below the surface layers we are able to promote and stimulate collagen production from the source. The downtime for this treatment is minimal.

Furthermore, with the eMatrix you get all of the collagen producing benefits without the downtime. After about two to three days you will notice your skin becoming slightly darker as it begins to flake, and then naturally slough off. After you have fully healed from your treatment you will notice an improvement in the overall texture and tone of your skin.


  • Rejuvenation of the delicate eye area
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Plumps sagging skin
  • Decreases puffiness
  • Increases cell replacement
  • Creates new collagen and elastin


Simply known as HALO, this treatment is the complete skin rejuvenation procedure. You will see and feel vast improvements in the overall tone, texture, and clarity of your complexion. You will also notice a significant reduction in fine lines, pore size, and discoloration. Halo Hybrid Resurfacing works by sending precise energy to the deeper layers of your skin. In doing this, the surface of your epidermis is mostly untouched, which promotes a faster healing time.

HALO also has a specialized targeting technology that auto-adjusts its settings to efficiently maximize the area that is currently being treated. You will begin to notice improvements in tone and texture about six days after you have healed completely.


  • Reduces scars
  • Lessens lines and wrinkles
  • Treats discoloration
  • Improves skin texture
  • Diminishes dark spots
  • Shrinks large pores

Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to discover these advanced resurfacing procedures for yourself at The National Laser Institute and Medical Spa. Our trusted and certified doctors, laser technicians, and aestheticians will meet with you to better evaluate your skin and create a custom plan just for you. Call 800.982.6817 or click here and receive your complimentary consultation with one of our expert skin care specialists. Achieve your Skin Care Resolutions and get younger, tighter looking skin with our January Specials.