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Spring Skin Starts With A Clear Complexion

What better way to drive away the winter blues than to reveal a clear, vibrant and flawless complexion? Harsh, dry temperatures may cause the skin to become irritated and open to bacteria. And for those are who acne prone, the skin is brutally under attack. But no longer must you mask those embarrassing blemishes. Whether you suffer from current acne or the scars left behind, we’ve found a way to bright, beautiful spring skin.

Over 50 million Americans suffer from acne- both adults and teens. But now, the long-awaited solution to effectively clearing your pesky blemishes has been revealed- without the use of heavy make up, useless creams or potentially dangerous pills. In fact you can flaunt your smooth, clear skin with the remarkable treatment at National Laser Private Med Spa in just six weeks!

The Acne Reduction Treatment offers you the chance to rid your skin imperfections while boosting your self-confidence. This custom-tailored treatment aims to remove bacteria, redness and pigmented scars found within the skin. The advanced technology, which utilizes light, heat and energy, targets these imperfections while stimulating new cell growth. Not only are blemishes and scars diminished, but improved skin tone and texture are also produced.

“For as long as I can remember I have suffered from acne. I went to different dermatologists and felt like I tried everything on the market but nothing worked. It killed my self-esteem and I would never let anyone see me without makeup. I thought I would outgrow it, but my acne just seemed to get worse. I was about to give up until I heard about the acne reduction treatment. After just a couple months, my skin was clear and my confidence was back- and it just keeps getting better!” – Charlotte T. 

Don’t hide behind your blemishes, get rid of them. Call National Laser Private Med Spa and show off the fresh, flawless skin just waiting to be revealed.