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Tattoo Removal Cost

cost tattoo removal

At first glance, most tattoos won’t reveal any flaws. Occasionally, a tattoo has just faded over time with sun exposure. In addition, the design may just represent an older version of yourself you no longer identify with. Read on to learn more about the tattoo removal cost at National Laser Institute.

Why do People get Laser Tattoo Removal?

There are many reasons why choose to get laser tattoo removal. For example, you may have foreign letters tattooed on your body that do not mean what was intended. With this in mind, a tattoo intended to mean “freedom,” might translate to “free; no charge.” Also, a tattoo meant to say “fast and furious” might translate to “fast and foolish.”

In addition, a spouse may not like your tattoo. For example, it’s possible to have a name of an old flame you want to get rid of. Maybe you want to make space for a new tattoo.

Tattoo removal can also be career related. Perhaps you want to join the army or make a career change. Laser tattoo removal is an excellent option to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Although the world is changing, it is still unacceptable in some careers to have visible tattoos.

Perhaps you have a poorly done “basement tattoo” that no longer holds any sentimental value. Also, your lifestyle or personality has changed since then. Whatever the reason, National Laser Institute is your destination for laser tattoo removal.

In the past, if you wanted to cover up a tattoo, you needed to get a larger and darker tattoo over it. These days, it’s a simple as laser tattoo removal.

What is the tattoo removal cost?

At NLI, we offer tattoo removal beginning at $99 per session. This will all be dependent on your skin type, size of the tattoo, and colors used. For prices beginning at $59, you can get laser tattoo removal from one of the institute’s specialty trained laser technician students. One session involves using the laser on a section that is smaller than a half sheet of paper.

Important Info to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

The older the tattoo, the easier to remove. With this in mind, the tattoo has already faded from frequent sun exposure. As a result, they are easier to get rid of.

To be noted, different tattoo colors respond to different wavelengths of light. For example, black pigmented tattoos are easy to remove because it is the darkest color. As a result, it responds well to laser treatment. The darker the shade, the easier the removal. With this in mind, your red, orange, or yellow tattoo may require more sessions.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The lasers used target the pigmented ink deep within your skin. These pigments break down within the skin. Then, the pigments flush out through the lymphatic system.

Tattoo removal requires multiple sessions because the body can only handle so much pigment at once.

Schedule your complimentary consultation and find out the tattoo removal cost of your tattoo. You will be paired up with one of our expert laser technicians. From there, you will be able to discuss your tattoo removal goals. As a result, they will develop a perfectly personalized plan for you!

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