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Tattoo Removal in Scottsdale

Scottsdale tattoo removal Whether you want to remove a “basement tattoo” or a poorly drawn tattoo, tattoo removal in Scottsdale can take care of it. National Laser Institute employs expert laser technicians to assist you with your tattoo removal goals.

Most Popular Tattoo Trends of 2019

  • Hand tattoos have increased in popularity since the past. More and more people are choosing to get tattooed on the tops of their hands.
  • Detailed floral tattoos have become trendy. In addition, floral tattoos have become a beautiful way to display your feminine side.
  • People getting tattoos in shades other than black are increasing. As a result, colorful tattoos are becoming more common.

Most Regretted Tattoos

While getting the name of a significant other seems romantic, what happens when that relationship ends? You shouldn’t have to live with the tattoo of a name of your past lover.

Asian characters are also a source of tattoo regret. For example, a tattoo meant to say “strength, loyalty, determination” could translate as “child changing station.” As a result, the tattoo becomes an embarrassing mistake.

In addition, tribal tattoos are one of the most common beginner tattoos out there. Furthermore, it’s possible that you have moved on from that style and it no longer represents your character.

Why do People get Tattoo Removal?

Career change

Although times are changing, it is still unacceptable to have visible tattoos in certain workplaces. For example, the army has restrictions on tattoos showing above the t-shirt. Moreover, this means no face, neck, ear, or scalp tattoos. In addition, the army prohibits tattoos that come off as racist, derogatory, or sexist. As well as that, there should be no extremist or indecent tattoos.

People still exist that think visible tattoos in the health profession means you are unqualified. While this is not true, the stigma still sticks. For example, patients often choose to avoid doctors with visible tattoos.

In addition, most law offices make sure their employees cover their tattoos. If you have a tattoo you can’t cover, you may not get the job.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes are also a common reason people look for tattoo removal. For example, perhaps that weed or alcohol themed tattoo you got when you were younger is no longer a reflection of yourself. In addition, a relationship may end, negating the reason for that significant other’s name on your body.

How does Tattoo Removal in Scottsdale work?

NLI’s laser uses Q-switched technology to target the pigmentation in the ink within your skin. As a result, the body breaks down these pigments and flushes them out of the body.

The laser technicians will generally only target one area smaller than a half sheet of paper at a time. This is due to the body’s inability to process large amounts of pigment. With this in mind, multiple sessions are utilized to fully remove your tattoo in the safest way possible.

Whatever the reason for tattoo removal, you don’t have to live with a tattoo that no longer represents your life. Tattoo removal in Scottsdale at National Laser Institute will take care of all of your tattoo removal needs. Firstly, you will be paired up with one of our expert laser technicians to discuss a plan. From there, they will come up with a customized approach for your tattoo removal.

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Louis Silberman- CEO