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The Best Time for Sclerotherapy

sclerotherapy best timeVisible veins can not only be painful, but can affect your self-esteem when wearing regular summer staples. Due to increasing vascular pressure, these pesky and sometimes painful blood pools in the veins come up near the surface of your skin, causing viewable dark spots on your legs. Don’t let your spider veins or varicose veins dictate your wardrobe. With warmer days and summer nights right around the corner, the best time for sclerotherapy is now!

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

Believed to be caused by a number of things, the exact reason is still unknown. Most studies show a tie between heredity, obesity, trauma, or fluctuating hormones. Because of this, both spider and varicose veins are especially common in pregnant women. Many women and men see them appear or notice an increase in the quantity of them as they age. They often are of no medical concern but cause aching pain in the legs and feet. If you are feeling pain, or dislike the way your visible veins appear on your legs, now is the best time for your sclerotherapy appointment.

What is Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive injectable form of treatment into your blood vessels. By injecting this prominently saline-based solution directly into your veins, the vessels shrink. In return, visible veins lighten and eventually disappear. The salt solution injectable irritates the lining on your blood vessels and causes them to shut down, collapse, and clot. Therefore over time, the injected area will turn into scar tissue and fade away.

The Best Time for Sclerotherapy

The time is now! Summer is drawing near and your warmer clothes are coming out of hiding from the long winter. Sclerotherapy has a list of benefits, commonly including your more confident appearance and pain relief. Sclerotherapy is a popular, safe, FDA approved treatment for visible veins. Come in now to book your appointment to wear your shorts with confidence this summer!

How Long does Sclerotherapy last

Visible vein treatment with sclerotherapy is a permanent solution when injected into the vessel. A key thing to remember is that although sclerotherapy is permanent in the injected vein, it does not prevent new veins from occurring and becoming prominent in the future. In most cases people respond to the injectable therapy in as little as 3-6 weeks after treatment. Darker, larger veins can take up to 3-6 months to see their full effect. Don’t think twice about it, we can assure you that the best time for sclerotherapy is now.

Common Side Effects

Very rarely, serious side effects may occur. You will want to contact your service provider as soon as possible if any side effects that are not common, appear. This includes swelling and inflammation, allergic reactions, air bubbles, and more. Be sure to discuss the full list of side effects with your injector prior to treatment:

  • Bruising at the injection site
  • Stinging
  • Swelling
  • Skin discoloration or discomfort
  • Bumps at injection sites

Pre and Post Treatment

There is essentially little to no downtime needed before or after the injection therapy. As most cosmetic aesthetic procedures, before treatment you will be advised to not take blood thinners (Advil, aspirin, etc.) for up to a week before your procedure. This will lessen your chances of bruising and bleeding. After your injections are complete, walking around is encouraged and important! You will be told to wear compression socks or bandages after your procedure. The length of this time will be determined by your doctor.

Reduce Spider Veins From Re-Appearing

  • Exercise often
  • Don’t sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Avoid soaking in hot water for long periods of time
  • Wear compression socks (especially important while pregnant!)

Interested in learning more about aesthetic medical procedures or why not is the best time for sclerotherapy? We offer your choice of virtual consultations from the comfort of your home or in-person complimentary consults. Click here to schedule yours!