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Be Sure and Turn Heads with this Incredible BOTOX® Cost and Treatment

The science behind BOTOX® isn’t dangerous or damaging to your skin. BOTOX® is actually an FDA approved treatment to improve signs of aging and has been the #1 non-surgical cosmetic treatment for years. In 2002, BOTOX® officially gained the stamp of approval from the FDA to treat wrinkles. Since then, it has been working anti-aging miracles on both men and women.

How BOTOX® Works

BOTOX® treatment works by blocking certain receptors in targeted muscles, which prevents it from contracting. This temporary paralysis is what gives clients the smooth, wrinkle-free results they desire. Because it is temporary, your body will rid the Botulinum toxin over a period of 3-5 months. The injection process takes between 5-15 minutes, and the initial consultation may take between 15-45 minutes. At the longest, you can be looking years younger with a treatment that can be performed within a lunch hour.

BOTOX® isn’t harmful to the body. When distributed by a medical professional, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Because BOTOX® treatments are only performed by medical professionals at National Laser Institute, you can be sure that you’ll never receive a botched or bunk treatment.

BOTOX Cost and Treatments

We are the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and take pride in tending to each clients needs and wants when it comes to their appearance. BOTOX® costs are much more inexpensive than what retail overs. In fact, BOTOX® treatments start at just $7.50/unit!

National Laser Institute has been around for years and has earned an A+ rating at the BBB as well as numerous starred reviews. We pride ourselves on being a prestigious name in the medical aesthetics industry as well as offering affordable and popular cosmetic laser treatments.

To learn more about BOTOX® treatments or National Laser Institute, please call 480.290.7333 for our Scottsdale location or 214.252.7800 for our Dallas location.