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Beautiful Botox Injections

Beautiful Botox injections not only require medical aesthetic skill, but also an artistic eye.  And if your Botox injector doesn’t stop to take a little step back and look at the overall view, you may end up with less than beautiful results.  Continue reading as we reveal the three rules we follow at the National Laser Institute Med Spa for Botox injections to help you look rejuvenated but not over-done.  For the most natural looking results, Botox injections need to be balanced, beautiful and beyond fabulous.  

Beautiful Botox Injections

Beautiful Botox Injections

1)Balanced Botox

Beautiful Botox is all about the right amount, in the right places. The goal should be to look balanced,  refreshed, and more beautiful, rather than trying to look younger. With a light touch, carefully placed, beautiful Botox injections can minimize undesirable expressions without sacrificing full movement.

Having one part of your face treated and another part of your face almost left alone is unnatural looking. You often see a man or woman’s true age on their neck or hands. Beautiful Botox is about working with the overall impression, rather than obsessing over a particular wrinkle or line. If you are going to invest in rejuvenating one part of your body, you will want to invest in all areas to create a balanced look so all areas of the face, neck and hands appear to be of a similar age.  You can do this easily with laser and radiofrequency treatments.  

2)Beautiful Botox

As human beings, we are most beautiful when we smile. When the dosage of Botox is too high, that’s when your results can look less than beautiful. If you smile but your eyes don’t, this is a dead giveaway you’ve had too much Botox.  You want to avoid the frozen, expressionless look that can be associated with too much Botox.  

3)Beyond Fabulous Botox

Have you ever heard the phrase aging gracefully?  Many men and women get Botox because they want to look as good as they feel.  And they just don’t want to look sad or angry anymore.  Beautiful Botox means the results are beyond fabulous.  You should look rejuvenated, and the Botox should be virtually undetectable.  

Achieve your dream results at the National Laser Institute Med Spa, the premier anti-aging academy in the country, providing the Gold Standard in innovative aesthetic techniques. You can trust our experts to give you beautiful Botox injections to help you look rejuvenated but not over-done.  For the most natural looking results, your beautiful Botox injections will be balanced, beautiful and beyond fabulous!

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Louis J. Silberman is the CEO and Co-Founder of National Laser Institute, the pioneer of the medical aesthetics training industry and one of the largest educators in the country.