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Botox Instead of Surgery?

If you want to dramatically shape your brows into gorgeous captivating arches, consider Botox instead of surgery. Botox instead of surgery is trending not only in Hollywood but throughout the country as men and women choose to defy their age and look their best.

In the video above, Dr. Treen expertly injects Jane’s glabella. The glabella consists of three different muscles, and when injected with Botox, the 11’s between the eyebrows will relax to create a smooth and youthful look. Botox not only corrects unwanted lines and wrinkles, it prevents them from forming. Dr. Treen also performs a non surgical eyebrow lift, to subtly lift the brow while dramatically transforming Jane’s look.

“Beautiful arches will open up your eyes to make a huge difference on your facial expression,” says Louis Silberman, CEO, National Laser Institute.

A youthful brow at rest is positioned above the eye, with a gradual arch to the end of the brow. As we age, it’s natural for the brow to take on more of a flat position on the face making us look tired. If flat or drooping brows are hindering your facial expression, Botox instead of surgery is the optimal solution to restore the brows of your youth.

A surgical brow lift counters the effects of gravity by tightening your forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows.  However, brow lift surgery is risky, costly, and permanent.  The Botox Brow Lift provides an optimal non-surgical, non-invasive alternative with virtually no risk, and no downtime.

“We can do things with Botox that can help you avoid or at least stave off surgery to correct aging issues,” says Dr. Treen.

We can arch the brows by injecting Botox into the crow’s feet to lift the end of the brow. It may seem counter-intuitive that paralyzing facial muscles can lift your brow, but this is exactly how Botox works. Because our facial muscles pull in opposite directions, Botox paralyzes the brow muscles that pull downward while leaving the ones that lift the brow untouched.

We invite you to look and feel your best with Botox instead of surgery. At the National Laser Institute, our expert Botox injection specialists can show you how the Botox Brow Lift can change your look.  Call 800.851-0969 or click here for your complimentary consultation.