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Botox Lip Pop

Botox in the lip area?  Traditionally, in the realm of medical aesthetics, Botox is administered on crow’s feet, frown lines, bunny lines, and forehead creases. Botox in the lip area is a trending treatment known as a Botox Lip Pop.  The Botox Lip Pop is designed to give you that sexy, pouty, fuller lip that every girl wants.  Women who are not ready to try fillers absolutely love the Botox Lip Pop.  Watch our latest video where Louis the Laser Guy and Dr. Treen guide Gossip Girl Jess through her first Botox Lip Pop treatment!


Botox Lip Pop

Dr. Treen is an instructor here at National Laser Institute.  She teaches doctors and nurses who fly in from all over the world including places like Canada, Dubai, Mexico, Chicago, and Boston, to learn how to safely and effectively administer Botox and dermal fillers.

In the video, Dr. Treen explains that Botox is a neurotoxin.  “It’s the most popular one on the market.  And what we use it for is to temporarily put the muscle in its relaxed state. It lasts for 3 months.  The reason Botox works so well is because when your face creates expressions, micro-traumas or wrinkles, are formed.  When micro-traumas occur, your body wants to heal them, but you make too many faces too often for the body to be able to heal those lines.  By relaxing the facial muscles with Botox, we can prevent new damage from forming. When we relax the muscle above the lip with Botox, it will slightly turn the upper lip out.  This technique is great for someone who wants a little more volume but doesn’t want to commit to filler.”

For Jess, the Botox Lip Pop treatment requires one unit of Botox per side of her upper lip area. With each injection, Dr. Treen counts, 1-2-3 to cue Jess for the injection.  This helps Jess to know what to expect and helps to keep her at ease. After her Botox Lip Pop, Jess also wants to have a gummy smile correction.  So Dr. Treen injects Botox just a little bit higher between Jess’s mouth and her nose.

During the injection Dr. Treen explains, “By injecting for gummy smile correction, the Botox will actually drop the lip down so that when she smiles you won’t see as much of her gum line.”

Jess is smiling immediately after her treatment.  She’s excited and says “I’m ready to go out!”  Jess can expect to see results in 1-14 days. But according to Dr. Treen, many patients see results sooner in the mouth area.

Other unconventional areas for Botox include the TMJ muscle, the bottom corners of the mouth for lift, as well as the bunny lines you can get on your nose.  Dr. Treenan says, “We really have a lot of options with Botox.”

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