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Britain Crowns Florence Colgate Most Scientifically Beautiful Woman


Britain crowns Florence Colgate most scientifically beautiful woman.  Florence Colgate, 18, won a British beauty contest against 8000 other hopefuls because of her mathematically perfect looks. According to the Daily Mail, not only is her face perfectly symmetrical, she has the ideal ratio between her mouth, eyes, chin, and forehead.

Although we don’t usually recognize asymmetry, most faces are very different when the right and left side are compared.  Physical beauty is a combination of attributes converging in a particular way.  Everyone has that one beautiful thing that makes them unique. Some have the hair. Some have the cheekbones. While others have the lips. Once you know what your best asset is, then you should celebrate it.  While symmetry alone does not define beauty, for the purpose of discussing scientific, mathematical beauty we will dive a little bit deeper into this viewpoint.

Britain Crowns Florence Colgate Most Scientifically Beautiful Woman

Well, Florence Colgate has it all.  Large eyes, high cheekbones, a smooth complexion and facial symmetry are important cues to attractiveness.  But for the rest of us, if we weren’t born with it, now we can come close to achieving facial symmetry with cosmetic fillers. There are little tricks using cosmetic fillers that can drastically alter facial symmetry for the better.  For example, by plumping the lips, you can actually change the ratio between the mouth, eyes, chin and forehead.  Just look at Kylie Jenner.  Her face has become more visually symmetrical and scientifically more beautiful because of her lip fillers. Her big sis, Khloe Kardashian noted in this past Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, Kylie’s big lips “changed her life.” They have really helped the teen stand out from her older siblings. But Kylie was insecure about her thin lips at a young age.

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