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Elta MD SPF 45 Sunscreen

Elta MD SPF 45 Sunscreen


Elta MD SPF 45 Sunscreen 

What is the secret to anti-aging? It might be easier then you may have suspected. One of the most effective ways to fight aging is by applying sunscreen! Protecting your skin from the suns harmful rays is one of the best things you can do for your complexion—and your skin will definitely thank you for it later. With our broad spectrum Elta MD SPF 45 sunscreen, you can shield your skin to prevent sun damage and early signs of aging.

Elta MD SPF 45 Sunscreen is a lightweight formula that provides protection against UVA and UVB rays. Especially living in such a warm and sun-exposed climate, it is important to regularly apply. Formulated with zinc oxide, this sunscreen works great on all skin types and dries with a clear finish. Whether you have oily, sensitive, or dry skin, this paraben-free product will have you looking younger longer.

Apply this Elta MD Sunscreen about 15 minutes before going out into the sun. Reapply in 80 minutes if you were swimming or sweating, if not, reapply every two hours. Your skin is delicate and one-of-a-kind and should be treated accordingly. Treasure and protect your skin for one of the very best anti-aging regimens out there.

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