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The Halo Diaries Part II


The Halo Diaries Part II

The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser is a brand new service here at National Laser Institute Med Spa.   Last week, we featured The Halo Diaries Part I where our Client Services Rep, Kayla, revealed she would like to improve fine lines, pigmentation, and the overall texture and tone of her skin.  We showed you how Halo will supercharge the collagen beneath Kayla’s skin and will also address surface issues such as pore size, pigmentation, and acne scarring. Today, we bring you The Halo Diaries Part II.

Kayla Before

Kayla Before

The Treatment

Hilary, Certified Laser Tech, gives Kayla protective eye stickies to wear. They will protect the thin skin around Kayla’s eyes from the laser.  “Safety first – eye protection is a must with this treatment,” says Hilary.  Hilary proceeds to use the revolutionary Halo System Laser to measure the exact dimensions of Kayla’s face.  

Hilary points out how, “the Halo device uses a thermometer measuring the temperature of the skin as the treatment continues.”  She shows Kayla how the laser is adjusted to ensure the desired depth of the laser will be accurate and precise. As Hilary starts the treatment, there is some stippling that can be seen with every pass that Hilary makes. Kayla has little tiny white marks on her face which show the areas that are being resurfaced.  The actual treatment time takes less than 30 minutes.

Post Treatment

Hilary explains to Kayla what she can expect after her treatment:  “Tonight or tomorrow morning I would suggest using a post laser lotion. Hilary also tells Kayla she can expect to see a “paper and pepper” sloughing effect in 3-5 days.  “Your skin is going to feel dry, tight and itchy.   Sunblock is very important for your skin, too,” suggests Hilary.

Halo is the world’s first and only hybrid fractional laser.  It applies non-ablative and ablative wavelengths into the skin in a single pass to maximize results and diminish downtime.  The results are truly amazing: this may be one of the most effective anti aging treatments we offer here at National Laser Institute Med Spa!  

Stay tuned until next week for our final installment and Kayla’s big reveal with The Halo Diaries Part III.  We invite you to experience HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser at the National Laser Institute. Call 800.574.8377 or click here for your free consultation. Become a beauty insider and reserve your appointment now!