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Lady Gaga Busting Out In New York

Lady Gaga’s tata’s have been on full display as of late.  A few weeks ago an article on titled Prince Harry eyes Lady Gaga’s assets featured the spectacle.   This past Wednesday, Lady Gaga was spotted in New York beating the heat in just a white bra, tan coat, high-waisted jean shorts, and a black studded “GAGA” cap.  A few hours later she was spotted again, still in the same ensemble, but without the bra.  According to, this culminated in a massive wardrobe malfunction.

Lady Gaga Busting Out In New York

As Lady Gaga shaded her eyes from the paparazzi camera flashes, her coat fell open, giving bystanders a full frontal view of her chest. She took it all in stride and was completely unvexed. Given her artistic genius, showing a little bit of skin likely means nothing more than it would to a model in a life drawing class at Spring Studio in Soho.  Perhaps she should have reconsidered changing her outfit. But we absolutely LOVE how comfortable she is in her own skin.

Lady Gaga has a few good and not-so-good skincare habits.  On the not-so-good side, she sleeps in her makeup every night.  This bad habit impedes her skin’s capacity to rejuvenate.  It also triggers clogged pores, irritation, excessive dehydration, acne, and bacterial infections.  This can cause premature aging as it accelerates the aging process by 7 times the normal rate.

Lady Gaga Busting Out In New York

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On the good side, Lady Gaga wears sunscreen to protect against premature wrinkles and skin cancer. She doesn’t tan her face because she does not want to get wrinkles.  Gaga says the best beauty secret is to just be yourself.  “Just go with your gut,” she advises. “Whenever you try to be someone else, it’s boring.”

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