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New Study Proves Botox Freezes the Aging Process

Botox Injections


A new study that proves Botox freezes the aging process may raise a few eyebrows – at least for those who haven’t had too many Botox shots. 

Doctors suggest starting young is the best way to fully enjoy the benefits of Botox. The commentary, published in JAMA Dermatology, states that it is “rarely too early” to start using Botox. Many people worry that the long term uses of Botox might have harmful side effects, but contrary to popular belief Botox has been around for a long time. Doctors have known the benefits and utilized Botox since the 1950’s. Early medical uses of Botox were proven effective in treating patients, as young as 12 years old, suffering from “crossed eyes”,  eye spasms, lock jaw and other medical conditions. Botox was first use to reduce facial wrinkles in 1980, then approved by The FDA in 2002 for cosmetic uses.

Dr. Kenneth Arndt, a Boston-area dermatologist and co-author of the JAMA Dermatology, explains how Botox freezes the aging process: 

“It’s been clearly shown for a long time that frown lines, forehead furrows and crows’ feet are due to repetitive folding of skin from normal expressions. If you slow down the use of these muscles beginning early in adult life, the lines never develop. Rather than going backward and fixing something that’s there, you can inhibit it from starting in the first place.”

A recent study documented the astonishing results of the long term preventative use of Botox. The study compared identical twins over a 13 year period. The results are nothing short of jaw dropping.

Botox injections

Identical twins from from Long Term Effects of Botox study. Photo provided by: JAMA Dermatology


Many people in their 40s, 50s and 60s attempt to fix these wrinkles and folds once they’ve developed, but injecting  people earlier can keep them from ever happening. Earlier Botox injections also prevent costly fillers and invasive surgeries.

This study arises the question of how early should patients should begin using Botox? Louis Silberman, founder and owner of National Laser Institute Med Spa, says, “This question is best answered on an individual basis, as many factors unique to each patient contribute to facial wrinkles.” Unique factors like natural facial expressions and lifestyle contribute to facial wrinkles. The National Laser Institute Med Spa is critically acclaimed and facilitates highly skilled doctors, nurses, and estheticians. To schedule personal assessment or for more information please call 800.982.6817