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PDO Thread Injections

injection PDO threadsTry the non-invasive treatment alternative to a cosmetic face lift. Moreover, PDO thread injections will tighten loose skin, smooth out wrinkles, and have you looking as young as you feel. Furthermore, National Laser Institute has highly trained technicians for all of your skin rejuvenation needs. Learn more about other skin tightening treatments NLI Med Spa offers.

PDO Thread Injections


PDO threads placed around the eyebrows can help reduce the appearance of heavy lids. As well as that, it will smooth out lines around the eyes.

Nasolabial Folds

These threads correct lines or wrinkles forming at the bottom of the nose. In addition, they will smooth out lines around the mouth.


PDO thread injections will lift the cheeks to redistribute subcutaneous fat due to aging.

Jaw Line

These threads can enhance the jawline by lifting the skin and pulling it taut.


PDO thread injections can get rid of loose skin on the neck by tightening up the area.

Benefits of PDO Thread Injections

  • Firstly, thread injections have long lasting results
  • Secondly, PDO threads have immediate results
  • In addition, it is a non-invasive treatment
  • Furthermore, threads have a greatly reduced downtime compared to a face lift

What are PDO Thread Injections?

PDO threads use a material called polydioxanone. Moreover, this is a synthetic and absorbable material. However, PDO threads are long-lasting as it takes about 6 months for the threads to dissolve.

Polydioxanone thread injections can use either barbed/cog threads or monofilament threads.

Cog threads give your skin an immediate mechanical lift, so you will see results right away. In addition, it provides a delayed lift. As the threads absorb, your skin heals the tissues surrounding the thread. PDO threads produce a healing response in the body. As a result, large amounts of collagen are drawn to the area. With this in mind, your skin will heal around the thread to ensure the lifting effects continue long after dissolving.

Monofilament threads, or single-fiber threads lift and tighten the skin as well. For best results, using a combination of cog and mono threads is recommended.

How are PDO Thread Injections Placed?

PDO thread injections are placed underneath the skin using hypodermic needles. These threads create a support system within the skin to position and lift the area.

Schedule a consultation for PDO threads injections. You will pair up with one of our expert technicians to discuss your skin tightening goals. From there, your technician can customize a plan to give you your best results!

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