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Profractional Laser Reviews

Get your sexy back with Profractional Laser treatments. Our Sciton Profractional Laser reviews reveal incredible results and minimal downtime. The Profractional Laser resurfaces a portion of the skin to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions while leaving the surrounding skin intact to promote rapid recovery.  Profractional Laser therapy treats lines, wrinkles, scars, and sun damage.  What makes Profractional Laser treatments different is its ability to work with other cosmetic laser treatments for dramatic skin care results. Discover how you can gain #nofilter worthy skin with this phenomenal treatment. Continue reading to find out what you can expect with our Profractional Laser reviews from our Scottsdale clients.

Profractional Laser Reviews

How Does the Profractional Laser Work?

Profractional Laser treatments provide the same degree of collagen regeneration as our Fractional (Fraxel) laser, but without the irritation, sloughing, and prolonged swelling. The Profractional Laser is a new generation ablative laser. It creates tiny micro-channels beneath the skin’s surface and then ablates the damaged tissue completely with heat. This creates fibroblast production and allows new skin to fill the empty channel. Leaving surrounding skin intact helps promote rapid healing due to the presence of stem cells and melanocytes in the surrounding skin.

Profractional Laser Reviews

Because Profractional Laser treatments provide narrow-diameter channels within the skin, it is able to precisely target the problem area versus an entire surface area. The process creates a wound healing response within the body that helps firm and rejuvenate your skin. The benefits of the Profractional Laser treatments include increased client comfort, shorter healing times, and dramatic results.

Profractional Laser treatments provide you with phenomenal resurfacing results with very minimal downtime. This treatment in particular is great as a stand alone but also provides amazing results in combination with other treatments, including:

  • MicroLaserPeels (to stimulate collagen by deep fractional ablation)
  • BBL™ (to eliminate pigmented lesions)
  • SkinTyte™ (to thoroughly improve skin laxity)

Our Scottdsale clients love Profractional Laser treatments.  The Profractional Laser reviews below will give you an idea of what you can expect when you get your treatment.

Profractional Laser Reviews

“Profractional expertly done! Post and pre instructions excellent!” Anonymous, Scottsdale Client, National Laser Institute Med Spa

“I had a Profractional Laser on my face, neck and chest with Debbie on November 23, 2015. I am still in the healing phase after second day post. I was so impressed with the expertise and the procedure of the service I received. I wanted to post this for others considering laser to not be apprehensive like I was. Debbie began the procedure by discussing what she would be doing and why, and what to expect of the outcome and how I would look and feel afterwards. During the procedure she was continually asking how I was doing. She was very professional and definitely is an expert in her field. I would recommend the National Laser Institute to family and friends. If you’re looking for a place you can trust for a successful outcome this is the place for you. Oh, and I got the honor to meet, Louis What a super good guy he is. I would recommend this place for laser procedures or even laser training to my best friend and family. This man truly cares about his clients and this school. Thank you so much, Louis and Debbie. This is a Top notch Laser Center and spa. I will be back. I will post before, during and after pictures once I have healed. Stay tuned for an update.” Laurah P., Scottsdale Client, National Laser Institute Med Spa

“I went in for a Profractional Laser treatment today and am very satisfied. Jessica talked with me about my goals and treatment options. She was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Angelica talked further with me about the Profractional treatment. Angelica performed my treatment, she was gentle and made sure I was comfortable. I am very happy with this treatment and the exceptional customer service. I look forward to my next treatment.” Jake J., Scottsdale Client, National Laser Institute Med Spa

“Hillary performed a Profractional Laser treatment and a MicroLaserPeel on my face. She took the time to thoroughly answer any questions I had and to put me at ease about the procedures. She is friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I just had these procedures yesterday… but, so far everything is going as she explained it would! She is available after the procedure if you have questions once you are home and returned my call as promptly as she could that afternoon as I had a post treatment care question. I would recommend Hillary and the National Laser Institute based on my experience so far.” Anonymous, Scottsdale Client, National Laser Institute Med Spa

“I recently received the Profractional Laser treatment. Shanna was my laser technician and she is the best! She is a wonderful and kind professional, with an eye for detail. She makes you feel so welcome and knows just the right way to treat your skin for the best results. I have been coming to see Shonna for over 5 years for various treatments and they have all produced excellent results. Thank you for all you do!” Gayle T., Scottsdale Client, National Laser Institute Med Spa

At the National Laser Institute Med Spa, you get luxury treatments without the luxury pricing. Visit our private med spa to receive your Sciton Profractional Laser treatment starting at $749 per area from the experts that teach doctors, nurses and laser technicians privately.

We hope you enjoyed our Profractional Laser Reviews. To find out more about our Sciton Profractional Laser and if you are a candidate for this treatment, please call 480-290-7333 or click here for your complimentary consultation with one of our expert skin care specialists. While medical aesthetics is our passion, client care is our reason for being. We are dedicated to helping you get your sexy back!