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Reduce Wrinkles Without Surgery

Thanks to innovations in laser treatments it is now possible to reduce wrinkles without surgery.

Reduce Wrinkles Without Surgery


No one wants to peer into the mirror and watch their face age. I will never forget looking in the mirror and recognizing my mother’s forehead wrinkle slowly making it’s way on my face. Luckily thanks to innovations in lasers treatments, Botox, and many other wonderful things it is now possible to reduce wrinkles without surgery.

Knowledge is Power: What Causes Wrinkles

To correctly treat wrinkles it’s important to understand the cause of wrinkles. Wrinkles on the face are caused by four things:

1. Repeated muscle action over time. A good example of this are vertical frown lines-the “elevens.”

2. Damage to the outer layer of the skin. The sun causes the most damage to the skin. Tiny lines on the cheeks are a sign of sun damage.

3. Over time the deeper layers of skin loose collagen and elasticity. This is what causes lines around the mouth and chin.

4. Loss of deep volume of fat, bone and muscle due to aging and/or poor health.

Realistically all of us will experience several of the above. Understanding what’s causing the wrinkles allows you to choose a treatment or treatments the will help improve what bothers you most.

Here is the ultimate guide to reduce wrinkles without surgery, just formed or well defined lines, we have a nonsurgical solution for all wrinkles.

There are 3 major methods to reduce wrinkles without surgery laser treatments, bi-polar radio frequency, and injectables like Botox. Each of these reduce wrinkles in different ways but all of them provide amazing results-and even boost collagen growth!

     1. Laser Treatments

Lasers are absolutely amazing! They can be used to treat an array of skin aliments, every thing from unwanted hair to wrinkles. Lasers improve skin by treating the cause of wrinkles. The lasers reach the epidermis (surface skin cells) and the dermal collagen (mid-layer of skin) to stimulate collagen growth. All of the laser treatments listed below dramatically improves wrinkles and stimulates collagen growth:

Fractional Wrinkle Reduction: If you’re looking for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation Fractional Wrinkle Reduction is your treatment. It stimulates the most collagen regeneration. This treatment will reverse collagen lost due to sun damage, aging and wrinkles caused repeated muscle movements.

eLight: With this laser treatment you can enjoy tighter and more youthful-looking skin in just a matter of minutes. eLight uses cosmetic light technology that places heat energy effectively into the skin to produce maximum, anti-aging results with NO DOWNTIME. This treatment really improves aging skin that is loosing elasticity and collagen.

Photofacial: Utilize a series of intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments to dramatically reduce the appearance of irregular pigmentation including sun damage, freckles, age spots, and rosacea. Photofacials are also effective at reducing the size of enlarged pores and improving the complexion of acne plagued skin.

     2. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency

It sounds like something out of a sic fi movie, but sending radio frequency into the skin dramatically reduces wrinkles without surgery. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency works by delivering radio frequency through two closely positioned electrodes to the treated area. The electric current travels from one electrode through the tissue and back up to the other electrode, the current that goes between the electrodes is small and shallow and reaches the dermal collagen (mid-layer of skin).

eMatrix by Syneron is the newest and most exciting innovation in bi-polar radio frequency skin rejuvenation. If younger-looking skin and an improved complexion is something you have been dreaming about, but the high cost of treatments is prohibitive, then you have come to the right place. This sublative resurfacing treatment offers dramatic results improving wrinkles, tone, texture, and minimizing the appearance of scars for all skin types.

     3. Injections  

All of the treatments listed above have addressed three of the four causes of wrinkles. Injections treat wrinkles caused by deep volume loss. This is what gives aging faces a skeletal look. As we age we loose the layer of fat, that gives us a youthful full face. Bone density is also lost and can alter the shape of the face. There are five different injections available to reduce wrinkles without surgery. They work by either paralyzing the muscle or by filling in lines.

Botox & Dysport paralyze the muscles preventing wrinkles from worsening and relaxing expression lines. When choosing a doctor or nurse it is very important to ask what products that use. Botox and Dysport are approved and strictly regulated by the FDA. Any medical professional should feel comfortable disclosing what products they use and who manufactures the products. Only board certified doctors and nurses can purchase Botox and Dysport.

Dermal Fillers reduce wrinkles without surgery by filling in wrinkles that are present on resting faces, or deep set wrinkles. Dermal fillers can also build up the cheeks, where deep tissue loose is most apparent. Juvederm Ultra, Restylane, Beltero, Perlane, and Voluma XC are all approved and monitored by the FDA. Only board certified nurses and doctors can purchase and inject all of these fillers.

The National Laser Institute Med Spa offers all of these wrinkle reducing treatments and the most affordable prices in the industry. If you have more questions we offer free consolations call 800.574.5914 or use the menu on the right to schedule your free consultation. 

Louis J. Silberman is the CEO and Co-Founder of National Laser Institute, the pioneer of the medical aesthetics training industry and one of the largest educators in the country.