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Revolutionary Acne Treatment

So many parents feel completely helpless watching their kids struggle with acne. Acne can alter a person’s life in a dramatic way. Mary experienced this first hand when she watched acne completely change her daughter. 

Kaylee’s Acne Troubles

Like so many other teens, Kailey’s acne troubles started in 7th grade. At first Kailey’s acne was manageable, but as she grew older she noticed her acne didn’t subside. Her acne alienated her from her friends and family. Kailey tried to cope with makeup and over the counter products. This only exasperated the issue. Mary sought out the best dermatologists, determined to free her daughter from acne. Kailey tried evert acne treatment they prescribed. Harsh benzoyl peroxide creams dried out Kaylee’s skin and her acne persisted. 

As Kailey started high school, Mary witnessed how acne was slowly controlling her daughter’s life. Acne had slowly diminished her once very social daughter’s self esteem. Mary reached a breaking point when Kailey no longer wanted to go to school. Classmates continuously pointed out Kailey’s acne, making school unbearable for her. 

Restored Hope

That’s when Mary found out about a revolutionary acne treatment, BBL Laser Therapy. It didn’t involve pills or harsh chemicals. This treatment used lasers to reach below the skin’s surface to kill the acne causing bacteria. Finally a new treatment method, Mary’s hope was slowly restored. Mary took her daughter to The National Laser Institute Med Spa, a nationally acclaimed laser training facility. Right away Kailey saw a difference, the laser technicians were compassionate and assured her they could change her life. 

This revolutionary acne treatment utilized BBL Lasers, or BroadBand Light, to get rid of acne. This acne treatment is often referred to as a Photofacial, it uses advanced dual-lamp technology. Laser techs use a hand held device that gently administers the lasers to the surface of the skin. The BroadBand Light reaches beneath the dermal layer of the skin to target the acne causing bacteria. The lasers work in multiple ways to stop the acne and to help the skin heal all at the same time. Another benefit to this acne treatment is that the lasers don’t harm the healthy skin, eliminating harmful side effects like excessively dry skin.

Kailey’s Return

As you can see in the video, the results were amazing. After a few treatments Mary had her daughter back. Kailey now feels free to go out in to the world with her head held high. She no longer has to hide. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with acne, this acne treatment could be their saving grace. Aestheticians, nurses and doctors from around the world travel to National Laser Institute Med Spa to learn from the best in the industry. So you can rest assured you’ll get the very best treatment. National Laser Institute Med Spa is dedicated to their patients and continuously sets high standards. For a free consultation or to learn more please call 800.982.6817.