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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

laser training skin rejuvenation

To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Create Beauty with Facelift Massage,” by Nina Howard, in the April 2011 issue. Article summary: In the world of beauty, there are chemical processes, peels, anti-aging facials, machines, injectables and surgery—but facelift massage offers a natural alternative. Facelift massage is a treatment that creates beauty through the massage therapist’s healing hands.

by Louis Silberman

Of all the areas in the health-and-beauty industry, none has seen a greater boom than the field of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. In the last year alone, consumers spent more than $5 billion on 8 million treatments in the pursuit of looking more youthful and refreshed.

This growth is in part due to the amazing breakthroughs in cosmetic laser technology made in the last decade. From removing unwanted hair to erasing stubborn wrinkles, lasers have revolutionized the treatment of embarrassing and unflattering skin conditions.

Looking younger is by far the number one request of spa guests looking to purchase services. Moisturizers and skin creams provide temporary results, but do not have the power to treat wrinkles and uneven skin textures effectively. This is why laser skin rejuvenation is one of the most sought-after treatments on the market. It provides a safe and effective alternative for those wanting to avoid going under the knife.

While there are many types of laser skin rejuvenation available, fractional laser skin resurfacing has risen to the top as being one of the most effective and client-friendly options.

A fractional laser projects thousands of microscopic beams of light energy into the dermis using a specialized hand piece. The heat generated stimulates the body’s natural healing process and accelerates collagen regeneration. Not only does this process greatly reduce wrinkles, it also reduces the color and texture of stretch marks and scars caused by acne, surgery or other injuries.

Unlike ablative lasers, which affect the entire layer of skin, the fractional laser only targets a small percentage. Clients experience only minor skin redness and can return to work immediately after their treatment.

At an average price tag of $700 to $1,000 per treatment, adding in-demand laser skin rejuvenation to your services is a smart economic move.

Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to be a medical professional to perform laser treatments. Regulations governing cosmetic lasers allow properly trained massage therapists to provide services like fractional laser wrinkle reduction, laser hair removal, photofacial skin rejuvenation and more.

Acquiring a specialization in light-based skin rejuvenation is not as hard as one might think. Unlike the massage certification process, which can take months, cosmetic-laser schooling is a much shorter process. Massage therapists can typically receive the necessary training by attending an industry-standard two-week course that combines a curriculum of classroom and clinical hands-on training.

Training regulations differ in each state. To find out the exact training requirements in your state, contact an accredited cosmetic laser training school or your state medical board.


My appointment was for skin tightening. I was evaluated and interviewed and during the process it was realized that I was not ready for the procedure because of a prior Laser treatment. I was grateful that the staff didn't push me. We made arrangements for me to return in a couple of weeks to let my skin calm down and be more ready for treatment. This put my needs first and not the student's needs to check off a treatment on their list.

- Mary N.

I have been a client of Brookes for over 7 years and I won't go to any one else. She is the best laser technician around and she's very professional and sweet. Thank you Brooke for all you do and NLI.

- Melanie W.

Yesterday I had my first Fhotofacial with Angelica. She was very sweet, made me feel comfortable, explained everything I needed to know, told me what she was doing as she was doing it and did a great job. The procedure was not very painful at all. The flash of light made me flinch a little, not the level of discomfort. Already see results. I will be going back in 4 weeks for my next treatment. I should also mention the people at the front desk were very nice. Everyone I had contact with was professional and happy to answer any questions.

- Robin B.

All of the dermal filler procedures were expertly overseen by the teacher. With her explanations to the students I too became informed as to what and why something was being done: which increased My understanding(which is always advantageous): Even though various students injected me, I found it Less painful than that which I'd had done elsewhere by a pro!

- Anonymous

I always enjoy my treatments at National Laser Institute. The staff are very professional and the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. Everthing is explained clearly and they answer any questions that I have.The prices are excellent. I will never go anywhere else for my treatments. I highly recommend NLI.

- Jamie R.

I love National Laser Institute. I have been going to your business now for 6+ years! I find every person there so knowledgeable and personable. For private treatments, Brook and Angelica are my girls, they are excellent. I also go to the school with the instructor and students, this is my primary procedure on NLI's laser treatments. Keep up the excellent technology and I look forward to the new HALO laser treatments. I have recommended 6 people both men and women, from my office to NLI and yes they love NLI also. I also am encouraging 2 young friends to attend the school I love NLI.

- Grace A.

This was my first time for laser hair removal and a class room like setting so I was a little nervous about what to expect. The instructor was awesome, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The students were great and I look forward to all the other treatments that are available and will be recommending the school to friends. Thanks!

- Lisa V.

The ladies were all really nice and supportive. The procedure was very quick. It was not nearly as painful as they described before the treatment. So I was very scared going into it because they told me it was very painful. It didn't feel good but it wasn't too bad. So maybe that was helpful too, going into it expecting the worst made the procedure seem so much less painful. The ladies attitudes were wonderful they were so very encouraging! I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other services offered at the school!

- Stephanie L.

Excellent staff. Wonderful teacher and students. I felt very comfortable. Thank you.

- Anonymous