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Do you have embarrassing stretch marks that you think are impossible to get rid of? Thanks to cutting-edge technology, those unsightly stretch marks that damage self confidence can be a distant memory. Stretch Mark Reduction showcases state-of-the-art fractional technology at its best and is effective at significantly minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. Typically, reducing stretch marks carries nearly a $1000 price tag, but at National Laser Institute Med Spa we can deliver the smooth and flawless look you’ve always wanted starting at $200. If you’re looking for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and want even more intense collagen regeneration, try our advanced-grade Fractional Laser treatment for just $300. At National Laser Institute Med Spa we deliver luxury treatments without the luxury price.

Think about the possibilities:

All treatment areas, start at $200!

Commonly treated areas for stretch mark reduction include; abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts, and chest. However, stretch mark reduction can be performed on nearly any body area where stretch marks are present.

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