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Anti Aging Study Calculates Biological Age

A research team at Duke University are studying secrets to the aging process and why people age at such differing rates.  They theorize if the aging process can be harnessed, multiple age-related diseases could be prevented at the same time, rather than one at a time.

In the study, the scientists tracked 1,000 people born in 1972-73 in the coastal city of Dunedin in New Zealand and calculated their “biological age” 20 years after their 18th birthdays, based on a wide range of biomarkers. What they found was extraordinary.

Anti Aging What Is Your Biological Age?

Anti Aging What Is Your Biological Age?

Anti Anti Aging Study Calculates Biological Age

Interestingly, they discovered the “biological ages” of the 38-year-olds in the study ranged from 30 to nearly 60 years.  What’s shocking is the most rapidly aging participants endured two to three years of severe aging in only one year.  They tended to have worse balance and motor co-ordination, were physically weaker, and showed evidence of cognitive decline. Their IQ scores, which according to previous studies have been shown to remain relatively constant throughout a person’s life, were lower by age 38.  The people who were physiologically older also looked older.

“Our findings indicate that aging processes can be quantified in people still young enough for the prevention of age-related disease, opening a new door for anti-aging therapies,” the researchers wrote. “The science of healthspan extension may be focused on the wrong end of the lifespan; rather than only studying old humans, geoscience should also study the young.”

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