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Brotox Daddy Do-Over Rejuvenates Skin

As summer approaches, we find ourselves looking for ways to look good poolside, at barbecues, and at beach bashes.  But most of us live fairly busy lives and exercise can take a back seat to family, work, and other commitments.  This makes it hard to maintain the youthful physique we once had.  The traditional Mommy Makeover has been a popular alternative for women. But what about their male counterparts?  The Brotox Daddy Do-Over will give you that extra boost to regain the youthful appearance you desire.



Brotox Daddy Do-Over Rejuvenates Skin

As men age and gain weight, the key areas that change are the eyes, chest and belly.  Of course, the best means to a great body is exercise, a balanced diet and sleep.  But sometimes we just need that little boost and a trip to your local med spa can help you look and feel youthful again.

Most of our Brotox Daddy Do-Over clients request a procedure so they “don’t look so tired all the time”.  There are many non-surgical procedures to help give you a more rested appearance. Botox or Dysport can be injected to soften the crow’s feet of the eyes and raise the eyebrows to a more youthful position. Soft-tissue fillers can also help to hide deep folds of the mouth or chin.

If you have devoted your energy to staying healthy, but you find you could use a little boost in your efforts, the Brotox Daddy Do-Over may be right for you. Retail prices for BOTOX normally retail for $12-15 per unit. National Laser Institute offers BOTOX for only $7.99 per unit. NLI Med Spa is the preeminent service provider for cosmetic enhancement procedures offering advanced medical aesthetic procedures to clients daily.

Why pay what others still pay for cosmetic injections when you don’t have to? At National Laser Institute, you can expect luxury treatments without the luxury prices. Allow our expert treatment consultants to guide you through your options for a Brotox Daddy Do-Over.   National Laser Institute is leading the anti-aging revolution as the premier educational facility in the country, training physicians, nurses from all over the world in advanced medical aesthetic technologies including laser, IPL, and cosmetic injectables. Visit our training institute for deeply discounted rates on treatments or receive your treatment in our med spa by the experts that teach doctors, nurses and laser technicians privately.

The Brotox Daddy Do-Over rejuvenates skin.  Our experts always take time in answering your questions to determine which treatment is best for you.  We would be glad to answer your questions personally. The National Laser Institute offers non-obligation consultations.  To find out what product or service would be the best fit for your skin, call 800.574.8377 or click here and receive a free consultation with one of our expert skin care specialists.