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Is Stress Making You Fat?

If you’re stressed out, your stress hormones are in overdrive, wreaking havoc on the delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone making you look and feel exhausted, and possibly gain weight.  Here at NLI Med Spa, we see clients every day who don’t know why they just can’t seem to lose weight despite exercise and a healthy diet.  If you can identify with this issue, continue reading and we’ll show you how we can work together to get to the root of the problem and see real results once and for all!

Is Stress Making You Fat?

Stress Hormones: The Cortisol Production & Weight Gain Connection

Stress hormones, also known as cortisol, are secreted in response to stress by your adrenal glands, two tiny glands just above your kidneys.  Cortisol is not a “bad” hormone. It serves to wake you up and get you motivated in the morning. It’s also the hormone used in our fight or flight response to danger.  Unfortunately too much cortisol from constant stress can cause a plethora of unwanted, unhealthy side effects including an increase in appetite, loss of muscle mass, decreased libido and weight gain.

A classic symptom of high cortisol is regularly waking up in through the night. When cortisol is produced in excess, it influences everything.  When you are stressed, your body curbs the creation of other hormones you need for good moods and healthy skin and makes cortisol production a priority. High cortisol levels will produce symptoms including weight gain, fatigue, and unhealthy coffee and sugar cravings.

If you exercise regularly and eat healthfully, but you still can not lose weight, it could be because you have a cortisol imbalance because of stress.  Once you manage your stress and your hormones are balanced with BHRT, you will likely see dramatic results in your weight loss efforts. BHRT, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, is the anti aging therapy that will balance your hormones giving you younger looking skin, increased energy, boosted libido and weight loss. 

We invite you to experience BHRT at NLI Med Spa.   To learn more about the NLI Med Spa and our BHRT program, please call 800.982.6817 or click here for your complimentary consultation with one of our anti aging experts.