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The Real Deal on Fake Freckles

Traditionally, ideal mainstream beauty consists of flawless, un-freckled, perfect skin. But for those of you with freckles, you will be pleased to learn the beauty trend that has the fashion world buzzing is freckles.  And, for those of you without freckles, if you are happy with your freckle-free skin but want to know what it feels like to have freckles, the latest fad is fake freckles.  

Celebrities who never seemed to have freckles are faking them for photoshoots, like Kendall Jenner, or for red carpet events, like Emma Stone.  We have to ask, which freckles are the real deal and which freckles are fake?

The Real Deal on Fake Freckles

The Real Deal on Fake Freckles

Emma Stone, an Arizona native, definitely is the real deal.  Plus she comes by her freckles naturally with her red hair and fair complexion.  As for Kendall Jenner, well – we’ve never seen such a perfect constellation of freckles. Her freckles are definitely the work of an expert makeup artist, or perhaps Kendall experimented with the look on her own.  At the end of the day Kendall’s fake freckles will get rinsed away with the rest of her makeup.  

How do you feel about fake freckles? We think it’s nice to have the option to pepper your skin with fake freckles if you don’t have any. In contrast, if your freckles are the real deal and you don’t like them, you can’t just wash them off.  

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